Most of the balding men compensate for their hair loss by growing a beard. However, it’s not a shame to visit a hair clinic to regain your hair so that you can be proud of it. We build our print campaign on this consumer insight. We created hairstyles from men’s beards and then we changed the perspective so these stylish beards were put on the top of their baldy heads.

 himg-clp-final3.jpg (2015-03-17)

himg-clp-final2.jpg (2015-03-17)

himg-clp-final.jpg (2015-03-17)

Client: HIMG Clinic

Agency: Team Red Hungary (WPP)

Copywriter: Dániel Csirke

Art Director/Retoucher: Péter Magda

Photographer: Zoltán Krasznai