Vodafone Care Platform

We introduced the Vodafone Care Platform in separate tv spots represented by Red Assistants. We connected the Red Assistants to every new service element of the Red package to turn them into the symbol of unlimited care. Regarding the execution, we tried to create a tonality which would fit our target audience.

Red Assistants care about you - Launch film

„I care about the perfect look"...
„He is my best friend."...
„The world is more colorful together"...
„Her smile is worth more than everything"...
„We care about each other, nothing else matters"...
„I only care about myself"

Care about what is really important for you, and Vodafone Red Assistants will care about you. Because Red is about unlimited care and unlimited talk from now on.

Care No. 1: No IVR (Interactive voice response) for Red costumers

"Talking to machines is nerve-racking."

We care about you when you want to hear a human voice. Therefore, after pushing a certain button, we immediately connect Red costumers to the Red Assistants.

Care No. 2: Device replacement for Red costumers

"If my phone breaks down, my day is over, too."

We care about you when your phone breaks down. Therefore the Red Assistants deliver a back-up device to Red customers.

Care No. 3: Send us your birthday wishes! - Red costumers could send us their special birthday wishes. Every week, we made 2-3 of them come true. We documented every wish and shared them through Facebook.

"I would like to ride a pony"...

"I would like to sing in the Opera House"...

"I would like to fly once."

We care about your birthday. Send your wish to Red Assistants so they can make it come true!

Client: Vodafone

Agency: Team Red Hungary (WPP)
Copywriter: Dániel Csirke
Art Director: Zoltán Mendrei
Director: Péter Rudolf Kiss


2015 Gold and Bronze at Golden Blade Creative Festival
Two Gold, One Silver at EFFIE Awards