Pilsner Heart Crafted Workshops

Pilsner Urquell Heart Crafted Workshops is a branded-content video series, in which for four episodes, a different “artisan” shows their craft’s beauties, the freedom of creation, and passing on the values the brand has believed in since 1842. Check out how we keep the passion of creating with heart and love!

Client: Pilsner
Agency: Cafe Communications
Creative Director: Dániel Csirke
Head of art: Gusztáv Bálint Monori
Detti Dósa

Art Director: Sándor Szabó
Strategist: Orsolya Heuthaler

Director: Milan 'Cosmic Bunuel' Bernáth
2019 'Best craft' award at Content
Marketing Award
Gold and silver at Digital Media
Best Practice
2018 Silver and bronze at Lollipop Awards