Vodafone Slam Poetry

Teenagers don’t care about ads, they just want to have fun in the summer. So how can we grab their attention with Vodafone Hungary’s network message?

Encourage them in their own slang language to get the most out of their summer. Commission a Hungarian slam poet, Saiid to translate our network message into a song.

We’ve also created a new visual language, the coverage was symbolized by the signal ‘V-shape’, which reminds the viewer of Vodafone’s official branding, called rhombus. In our films the composition turns 360 degrees to represent Vodafone’s coverage.

Youngsters are not big fans of tv so we also created a promo clip especially for them. The promo song was launched on Vodafone’s youth based online talent show, Kimittube (www.youtube.com/user/kimittube), where Saiid (our slam poetry artist) also acted as a jury member. The song quickly became a hit. It had an impact on the young people so a new young talent was also born, ‘Beni’ who won the Kimittube contest with his own slam poetry.

Client: Vodafone
Agency: Team Red Hungary (WPP)
Creative Director: Gregg Harper
Copywriter: Dániel Csirke, Grósz Ádám
Art Director: Péter Magda, Tamás Ungor
Director: Luka Kostil
DOP: Mátyás Erdély
Song: Márk Süveg aka Saiid

2016 Two Bronze at Golden Blade Creative
Silver in Best Lighting & Coloring
at Creative Craft Awards
2015 Bronze in Best Casting at Creative
Craft Awards
2015 Bronze in Best Styling at Creative
Craft Awards