The Unseen Collection of Microplastic

An artistic project that literally amplifies the issue to the public by making the invisible visible

In 2022, one of Hungary’s biggest art festival Night of the Artifacts put sustainability in focus with the aim to draw attention to environmental issues such as microplastic pollution. In collaboration with WWF Hungary we have co-created artistic symbols that make the invisible visible.

A micro sphere. A pair of earrings. A necklace and a ring. All made with microplastic samples from Danube. We have launched an online auction to raise donations for WWF Hungary's Living Rivers Program to clean up natural waters and save wildlife by selling the art pieces.

kollekcio-mutargyakejszakaja15801-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

gyuru-mutargyakejszakaja15740-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

gyuru-mutargyakejszakaja15822-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

kisnyaklanc-mutargyakejszakaja15691-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

kisnyaklanc-mutargyakejszakaja15807-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

nagynyaklanc-mutargyakejszakaja15671-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

nagynyaklanc-mutargyakejszakaja15813-r.jpg (2022-06-10)

fulbevalo-mutargyakejszakaja15668-r.jpg (2022-06-10)
Client: Nights of the Artefacts
Agency: VMLY&R
Creative Director: Dániel Csirke
Head of Art: Kata Bánkövy
Creative Group Head:
Endre Minda

Head of Design: András Kohut
Motion Desinger:
Zsolt Szabó

Digital Designer: Gergő Zámbó
Webdeveloper: Attila Rózsavölgyi
Photo: Zoltán Sárosi
Jeweler artist: Luca Kohut-Görömbei

2022 Bronze at Golden Drum
2022 Silver and bronze at Golden Blade
Creative Festival